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The climate blogosphere is becoming increasingly crowded but at CSAG we feel that there is room for a blog dedicated to discussing issues relevant to researchers, professionals and individuals interested in the effects of climate variability and climate change in developing countries, with a particular emphasis on Africa. In the coming months, the folk of CSAG will be posting blogs on diverse subjects: from new developments in regional climate modelling for Africa to the social implications of climate change adaptation projects in rural communities. Naturally we welcome comments and encourage vibrant (but polite) discussion. We hope the blog will act as a forum to circulate ideas, question scientific methodology and stimulate thought-provoking commentary on all things climate. We look forward to exploring a wealth of climate related topics and hope you enjoy reading and engaging with the blog!

Not wishing to spoil the jovial atmosphere, it is important to lay a few ground rules:

1. All comments should be respectful and relevant to the topic of discussion. Comments will be moderated for relevance and offensive language is simply unnecessary.

2. Refrain from making personal attacks and insults. Holding competing views doesn't mean we can't be friends!

3. Please refrain from making blatant attempts to promote websites or blog posts which are irrelevant to the discussion topic. 

4. Repeat offenders will be suspended from making future comments...harsh but fair.

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