Kwesi Quagraine

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Kwesi is 1 part Physicist, 2 parts Climatologist . . . well and 1 part machine learning application enthusiast  (Too many parts? bet!). Kwesi’s interest broadly involves understanding interactions among large-scale climate processes (co-behavior) and its influence on the regional climate. He’s been focusing on developing methodologies that accommodate possible non-linear interactions of these large-scale processes, while evaluating global climate model response to these interactions. His current research involves the application of machine learning techniques to improve seasonal forecasts through the development, evaluation and testing of new methods and approaches for integration across multi-model ensembles. He also maintains keen interests in climate modelling, climate extremes, data science and exciting analysis methodologies. Kwesi initially moved to Cape Town from Ghana to join CSAG in 2016 for his PhD. He plays a couple of musical instruments, loves listening to music and enjoys reading about new technologies.

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