Steven Alaba Arowolo

PhD student

Steven is currently doing a PhD entitled: Climate Resilience of South African Maize Value Chain. Steven Arowolo’s thesis focuses on the South African maize sector, and it explores factors that could contribute to its resilience in the face of climate change and extreme weather-related events. He further investigates the existing support structures within the maize value chain. Adopting a food systems approach, he obtained relevant data and information from key players within the maize sector. Analysing the maize value chain assets, he found out that human assets would be the most important asset of the future as far as building climate resilience within the maize sector is concerned. He developed a schematic framework that emphasises the significance of maize value chain actors (human assets) in enhancing the climate resilience of the South African maize sector. He concludes that human assets would matter most in the future in building a climate-resilient maize sector in South Africa, and that continuous learning and skills development should be prioritised.

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