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The Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG) Short Course on Navigating Climate Risk, previously known as Winter School, started in 2009 in partnership with the Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI), with financial support from United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). The aim of the school was to provide an overview of the latest, relevant climate science as well as sector-specific case studies and experiences on the use of vulnerability and climate information to practitioners engaged at various levels of decision-making.

Since the establishment of the course, the content has been updated based on feedback from participants, progress in research frontiers, and lessons learned while working with societal stakeholders to apply climate-related knowledge. The course provides an environment for critical interrogation of climate information and other sources of evidence that help to understand the regional contexts of climate risks and potential climate action, as well as hands-on work with peers. The course structure combines lectures with informal discussions, interactive exercises, and hands-on working sessions. The short course is Africa-focused. The course aims to address the needs of participants whilst engaging with the full spectrum of climate and climate change-related topics. These include inter alia:

• Climate dynamics and system feedback
• Climate modelling and downscaling
• Climate change projections
• Climate risk and vulnerability, and assessment approaches
• Climate action frameworks (e.g. adaptation and mitigation)
• Climate services

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