Ezinwanne Ezekannagha


Ezinwanne is currently doing and MSc with CSAG Assessing the climatic suitability of underutilized crops to future climatic projections using Ecocrop model: A case of Bambara groundnut in Southern Mali. This research assesses the climatic suitability of Bambara groundnut, an underutilized crop to changes in future climate projections. As the climate changes, the suitable areas for the cultivation of crops change. Over southern Mali, several studies have indicated a reduction in areas suitable for the cultivation of crops, especially staple crops, due to the changes in future climatic projections. However, few studies have been conducted on the suitability of the underutilized crops. Thus, this study assesses how the changes in future climatic projections will impact the future climatic suitability of the crop in Southern Mali. This research aims to contribute to the ongoing debate on underutilized crops serving as an adaption option to climate change and their potentials in helping improve the food system.

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