The Climate Systems Analysis Group (CSAG) is involved in a variety of research projects. The majority of the research is in the physical sciences, with focus on the generation of robust, relevant, regional climate change information while advancing our understanding of the dynamics and processes that drive the coupled climate system.

Recognising the importance of actively engaging with stakeholders in the co-production of knowledge, CSAG’s research projects also focus on stakeholder engagements and the building of relationships between science and society. In that context research also branches into the application of climate data, through a focus on impacts, adaptation and vulnerability in the context of climate variability and change.

The following are a selection of projects currently underway at CSAG:

SASSCAL FoSReCs in Zambia and Namibia

Climate projections for Cape Coast, Ghana, and Bo City, Sierra Leone

WMO UIP development

World Bank, Angola

World Bank – Funding model for climate services

CORDEX Africa workshop

Transformative River Management Programme



Angola Hydro



SARCHI Climate Change

WRC Subsurface water in terms of future urban settings

AAUN Plasma activated water for fresh fish in Africa

Future Resilience for African Cities and Lands (FRACTAL)

The Co-Ordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment – CORDEX

UAV Sonde

Building Resilience to Climate Risks

Wind Atlas for South Africa (WASA) Phase 3

Modelling System for Agricultural Impacts of Climate Change (MOSAICC)

A National Assessment of Potential Climate Change Impacts on the Hydrological Yield of Different Hydro-Climatic Zones of South Africa

Zimbabwe vulnerability assessment