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I joined the CSAG team at the beginning of 2014, after spending three years with them doing my postgraduate studies. I have been brought in as a 'Data Manger', and am involved in the background operations of CSAG (the darkside). I am from the East coast of South Africa (Durban), where the air is humid and the sea is warm, and made the trek down to Cape Town in 2008 where I started my three year undergrad in Environmental and Geographical Science (EGS), and Oceanography at the University of Cape Town (UCT). After taking a liking to atmospheric science in my last year of undergrad I started and completed my Honour degree in Atmospheric Science in 2011. For my honours dissertation I determined the skill of a seasonal forecast model used at CSAG in predicting winter rainfall in the Western Cape and assessed whether the model would be able to predict wheat yields in the area. In 2012 I started my Masters, by dissertation, which investigated the relationships between wheat-specific rainfall characteristics, large-scale modes of climate variability and wheat yields in the Swartland region, South Africa. I submitted my dissertation in April 2014.

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