Shakirudeen Lawal

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Shakirudeen Lawal has been a practicing climate scientist since 2012. He has worked on a broad range of studies, including drought and hydrological modelling, REDD+, Clean Development Mechanism, Land Use modelling, Fire modelling, Sub-Seasonal – Seasonal Forecasts, Capital Funding for Forestry Developments. His career interests cover different focus and research themes. This began with his MSc theses on the “Money and Capital market Funding for Forestry Development in Nigeria” and “Modelling the Potential of Afforestation and Reforestation for Carbon Storage in Southern Africa”. His PhD thesis examined “The Response of Southern Vegetation to Droughts in Past and Future Climate”. He has conducted EIA studies on Dams and Forest Road constructions in Nigeria. At NASA JPL, he worked as a visiting researcher on carbon cycle using ecosystems modelling. In Nigeria, he worked as a forester in the Ondo State Forests to preserve forest products. He also provided expertise to the vulnerable residents of in the enclave to minimize the risks posed by vegetation losses. In addition, he supported the Nigerian government on nature reserve. As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with CSAG, he is investigating how sub-seasonal – seasonal forecast skill may be improved for application in hydrology, health and fire management. He has participated in various fora and conferences within South Africa, U.S and Europe. Dr Lawal has a background in the application of numerous Ecosystems models, Mapping, Earth System Models, and foundational knowledge in Economic models. He is currently focused on applying Machine Learning in prediction and impact studies. He received his Bachelor’s degree (2009) and MSc (2012) from the University of Ibadan, and MS (2014) and PhD (2018) from the University of Cape Town.

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