Regional and global information plays a decisive role at regional scale, but also in-country and in some extent at sub-national levels of decision. Hence the value to produce a platform which makes provision for national and sub-national data (possibly private) but intend to provide a wider range of relevant data and indices at regional scale, to inform regional, national and where fitted sub-national decision makers. The project ambition does not lie with the creation of new data, but the crafted combination of data and indices, with noticeable added value for decisions making in agriculturally related sectors. It means leveraging existing data and indices as much as possible, in sectors directly relatable to agriculture.

The project seeks to connect existing, available and accessible data and indices related but not limited to: (a) agricultural production, e.g. crops, livestock, forestry, land cover, fisheries and aquaculture, (b) climate, e.g. rainfall and temperature, historical and future, (c) agroclimatic indices, e.g. NDVI, ETo, SPEI, and other indices computed from climate data, (d) boundaries, e.g. administrative, topography, Agro-Ecological Zones, (e) schedule information, e.g. crop calendar, (f) disaster related, e.g. flood, drought, (g) Climate change related with specific impact, e.g. sea level rise for coastal areas.

Time frames:  2019

Funder: FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Partners:  Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO, lead); University of Cantabria (Spain), University of Cape Town (South Africa).

For further details: contact Dr Olivier Crespo