Addressing the climate change knowledge needs of developing nations, delivering tailored information, building capacity within the continent, and engaging with users around adaptation, policy, and impacts.


DSC_2305_lznTargeting critical knowledge needs in the context of developing nations

CSAG is one of the leading climate research groups in Africa.  We are uniquely positioned to target critical knowledge needs and contribute to a broad spectrum of climate change activities. CSAG focuses on the generation of robust, relevant, regional climate change information while advancing our understanding of the dynamics and processes that drive the coupled climate system. Through this, and in collaboration with stakeholders, CSAG develops research products to address stakeholder needs and support the broader research activities in other disciplines.





Unique blend of science and engagement

CSAG believe that active communication is two directional within a knowledge network of climate and non-climatic information.  Engaging with stakeholders in the co-production of knowledge leads to climate related products that are user-focused and decision-relevant, while engendering a sustainable relationship between science and society.





cordex-workshop1Dissemination of decision-relevant information

CSAG has developed a range of knowledge products that are made available to the broader communities.  These are all distributed centrally through a CSAG-hosted, user focused, data portal along with support materials and analysis tools for users. The information portal is a dynamic and evolving development as we constantly seek to become more effective in our communication. A central theme to complement these services is one of capacity building through training.




SrnAf.pptbiasIntegrated research focus

A leading element of CSAGs approach to developing regional climate change information is the integration of multiple lines of evidence. Building from this, the focus is on development of relevant data products and storylines of robust messages. This is contextualized around real world issues in policy and adaptation.






Internationally recognised

CSAG has excellent national and international collaboration with formal links to a number of leading international research institutions and programmes. CSAG is the START Africa regional node of excellence in climate modelling and has representation on key international activities (e.g. 3 IPCC authors in WG1 and WG2, co-chair of the IPCC TGICA, WCRP Task Force on Regional Climate Downscaling).