This project seeks to develop an integrated assessment product that integrates meteorological and hydrological information into a single product for purposes of detecting and tracking drought conditions. It brings together a team of researchers to develop a hydrological monitoring system that provides consistent and reliable near-real time national information and develop hydrological drought indicators and thresholds for major water bodies such as dams, rivers and aquifers for different drought phases, which will be linked to an operational early warning system for hydrological drought monitoring and prediction with the objective of providing catchment based assessments of developing drought situations for southern Africa. The work will be completed through the development of a user friendly platform that will inform water resource decision making in South Africa.


Time frames:  April 2017 – March 2020

Funder: Water Resource Commission (WRC)

Partners: IWR Water Resource (Pty) Ltd, Inkomati Catchment Management Agency, Institute for Water Research, Rhodes University

For further details: contact Dr Piotr Wolski