Olivier Crespo

Research Staff

Olivier joined the Climate System Analysis Group, Environmental and Geographical Science department, University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2008. With a computer science background (Master engineering, 2003), he worked towards a PhD in operational research applied to agriculture (France, 2008). He developed skills and expertise through engaging with climate variability and change experts, applied to a better understanding of short and long term climate challenges in connection with agricultural, and especially smallholder community farming systems, in Africa and Asia. Through multiple research projects, he participates in the improvement of global agricultural modeling, a better understanding of climate impacts on the agricultural sector, and enhance adaptation capacity in developing and developed countries. Through the last 10 years Olivier developed continuing relationships with national (e.g. SA Water Resource Commission, SA Agricultural Research Council), regional (e.g. FANRPAN, ICRISAT) and international (e.g. AgMIP, IDRC, FAO) organisations. Olivier is recurrently supervising postgraduates candidates, invited to review scientific publications, and to seat on project reference groups/panels (e.g. SA water research commission, RSA national research foundation).

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