To strengthen transdisciplinary North-South collaboration to enhance the quality of, and synergies between, education and research on climate action and adaptation. Specific focus will be on building relationships between North and South researchers and enhance collaboration on climate issues, AND to conduct intensive training schools on transdisciplinary climate risk adaptation and action.

Timeframe: 2023 – 2027


Output : 

  1.  Move science into action and vice versa by developing immersive annual schools focusing on climate action. This will be an arena where the students and lecturers will, together, engage with topics in the emerging intersection of climate research and practical climate adaptation, enhancing their capability to link climate research to real-world practice.
  2. Organise annual workshops reaching within and beyond our own communities. The overarching focus will be on cultivating a community of practice to enhance climate action and decision-making capacity, by planning and evolving the school programme, and developing joint research ideas, proposals, and papers.
  3. Promote and facilitate exchanges of people between our countries by providing seed money for further funding through applications to public exchange programmes.

For further details contact: Peter Johnson, Alice McClure