The CORDEX emperical statistical downscaling project aims to undertake a series of carefully designed downscaling experiments across various regions of the world in order to contribute substantively to the broader CORDEX objective of describing and understanding regional downscaling methodologies.

The CORDEX-ESD Experiment 1 is a method evaluation experiment; that is, it focuses on the historical period and does not use data from GCM climate change simulations.  The experiment seeks to engage as broadly as possible with the ESD community and provide opportunities to address dual objectives: characterizing optimal ESD skill under the constraints of intended transferability to using GCM predictors, and exploring the ESD limits in resolving the signal of the large-scale conditioning of local scale climate.

More specifically, the primary objectives are:

  1. to delineate the relative skill attributes of different statistical downscaling approaches when applied to a common source of predictors and predictands, and

  2. to assess the added-value that ESD can provide from coarse scale predictor fields taken from GCMs.

With that in mind, the protocol permits a relatively straightforward application of an ESD method with the intent to include participation from as many of the ESD community as practical.  The protocol gives flexibility in the choice of predictor variables within the limits of a common data source for the predictors, their frequency and spatial resolution, but is restricted to a common predictand dataset (The Claris station data set over Argentina).

UPDATE (13 April 2015)

The Experiment 1 protocol has now been published and can be accessed here.  Details of the submission process will be announced shortly.

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