This LOA intends to improve the climate evidence base in Asia-Pacific countries for their formulation of GCF/GEF project proposals, using CAVA and other tools, while further improving CAVA by reflecting the lessons learned in the platform application in real-world use cases.
The LOA is complemented by an LOA funded by OCB with the University of Cantabria as a service provider to provide technical improvements to the CAVA platform and climate data/information for the FAO global Hand-in-Hand (HiHi) geospatial platform. The OCB LOA’s main activities are:

  • Finalize development and user interface of climate risk analysis and visualization platform for adaptation and disaster risk reduction in agriculture- Support development of functionalities of user assessments and applications for projects and country-level activities. Web Map Service (WMS) deployment and connection to FAO’s HiHi geospatial platform and other FAO tools and initiatives
  • Update and extension of datasets and indices to cover the scope of FAO’s work
  • Provide scientific consultancy services regarding the targeted use of the platform and data within for national experts and FAO practitioners
  • Support improvements and migration of modules for FAO’s Modelling System for Agricultural Impacts of Climate Change and continuous support and development.
    The first three activities above are particularly synergistic to this LOA’s objective and the University of Cape Town’s expertise in climate application for agriculture.

Timeline: 2021- Current

Funders: Olivier Crespo

Outputs: FAO CAVA platform

For further details contact: FAO-RAP