Building capacities of country experts to assess impacts of climate change on agriculture and produce evidence-based information on projected climate impacts and vulnerabilities to support national climate change adaptation and climate-smart agriculture strategies.

The project aims to provide technical support to implement MOSAICC climate change assessment tool, with a particular focus on crop productivity analysis in developing countries, in close collaboration with FAO HQ, FAO decentralized offices, national consultants, technical partners in countries, and international consultants. This also provides support for improving the MOSAICC functions and write the guideline for standardized methodology for crop yield projections at national scale. The models integrated in the MOSAICC are organized in five main components: Climate, Crops, Hydrology, Forests and Economy. CSAG provides support for the country expert teams:  Malawi and Zambia  (2018), Sri Lanka and Bhutan (2019).

Time frames: 2018 – 2019

Funder: FAO Head Office, Italy

Partners: Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)

For further details: Visit: Climate change impacts on crops in Sri Lanka or contact Dr Olivier Crespo