To ensure a greater involvement of Africa and its scientists in global research challenges such as weather and climate event attribution, there is a need for (i) African-focused attribution advancement, in connection with (ii) attribution capacity development within African institutions.


This piece of research works towards addressing both those needs through the following objectives: develop a comprehensive understanding of climate-crop event attribution; define an attribution experimental design for the Limpopo River Basin, South Africa; undertaken the attribution analysis using ensemble weather model attribution datasets; report on case study outcomes and lead a scientific paper in an international journal; add value to a regional climate-crop on-going study in the area by interacting/developing an attribution component; and launch/participate/improve research proposals for regional funding and the strengthening of attribution studies in southern Africa.


Time frames: 3 month project, from April to July 2015

Funder: Oxford funded from the Oppenheimer Fund

Partners: Environmental Change Institute (Oxford)

For further details: Contact Dr Olivier Crespo