The purpose of this project and workshop was to inform the wider development of the Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) programme. For CSAG, it was an opportunity to further explore an approach to place-based decision-making using climate change information. Using the lessons learnt from previous co-exploration workshops and pre-workshop work, the approach used case studies to explore the multi-stressor context of vulnerability in an urban setting.  During the 4 day workshop, participants and facilitators were able to exchange ideas about appropriate mechanisms for incorporating climate information into place-based decision-making.  The learning from this project’s activities was then used to inform the thinking on the use of long-term climate information in an African context, through the development of the FCFA programme.


Time frames: 6 months project, from May 2014 to October 2014

Funder: Climate & Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)

Partners: Global Change System for Analysis Research and Training (START) and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

For further details: Contact Anna Steynor