This project addressed two significant problems related to adaptation to climate change in the water resources sector: that relevant and important information from climate change forecasts is not being disseminated to water resource managers, nor is it being integrated into water resources policy, planning and management in a systematic way for agricultural and human use in Africa; that there is currently a shortage of integrated approaches for evaluation.

Taken together, the lack of awareness and capacity to adapt gave rise to the following priorities: to develop and demonstrate the quantitative and qualitative tools and methods to conduct integrated assessments of adaptation decisions vis-à-vis climate change and climate variability; to develop the capacity within Africa to use these tools, and; to develop a much broader understanding of how using these tools will benefit Africa.


Time frames: 2007-2011

Funder: The International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Partners: University of the Free State

For further details: Contact Dr Mark Tadross