The water resources crisis experienced in the Western Cape highlighted the need for hydro-climate information that is relevant for planning and decision-making, but also informing the general public about the current state of the water resources, and, more importantly, about the near and longer-term future outlook.

This projects addressed these needs through the development of an online platform that facilitates the “telling stories with data” paradigm. Information is presented at multiple levels of complexity, from raw data, to contextualized verbal synthesis, and the user is given a possibility to interact with data, querying it for answers to relevant questions.

The underpinning concept was to provide a platform to facilitate the effective process of internalization of information considering that the solutions to that crisis also required behavioural change of the city/region population, and rethinking of paradigms behind planning and management of water resources.


Time Frames: September 2017 to September 2018

Funders: Cape Higher Education Consortium (CHEC)

Partners: Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning and the Deptartment of Economic Development and Tourism, Western Cape Government

For further details: contact Piotr Wolski