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Bruce Hewitson is the South Africa National Research Chair on Climate Change and director of the Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG), a research centre at the University of Cape Town. Bruce obtained his PhD in 1991 from the Pennsylvania State University, USA, focusing on developing regional climate change projections. He joined UCT and founded CSAG in 1992. Research interests span range of related issues on regional climate change information, including climate modeling, downscaling, the interface of climate science and society, capacity building of young scientists and for decision makers, ethics of climate information, and a special interest in the context of developing nations. Bruce was a coordinating lead author in the IPCC’s 3rd, 4th, 5th Assessment Reports and lead author on the 6th Assessment Report. He has held a range of international responsibilities such as co-chair of the World Climate Research Program’s working group on regional climate. He leads a range of projects in CSAG that focus on the development of new analytical methods, climate change and cities, regional climate change projections, seasonal forecasting, climate uncertainty, and the intersection of climate information and ethics. These include many internationally funded consortium partner projects with diverse foci. Currently Bruce is focusing on new ways to enhance the usability of regional climate information for decision makers, including both the issues of how to increase the robustness of the information, the co-production of tailored products for decision makers, and how to use information in contrasting value systems.

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