What do we mean by urban climate justice?

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The concept of climate justice has been gaining traction for some time. Broadly speaking, climate justice is about taking a human- and equity-centred approach to thinking about climate risks, responsibilities and potential responses. Like many other big concepts, climate justice is often proposed as important for climate action without careful and critical thought about what… Read more »

September 2022 – Publication highlight

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Climate change in South Africa: Risks and opportunities for climate-resilient development in the IPCC Sixth Assessment WGII Report South Africa is wrestling with increasing climate change impacts and how to respond. The 2022 IPCC Working Group II Report synthesises the latest evidence on climate change impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation, and what this means for climate-resilient… Read more »

August 2022 – Publication highlight

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Understanding the variability of heatwave characteristics in southern Africa Southern Africa is one of the regions affected by weather-related extremes (e.g., droughts, floods, and heat waves). Heatwaves were detected using three different methods, including the 90th percentile of minimum daily temperature (CTN90pct) and the Excess Heat Factor (EHF), a relatively new method. To determine the… Read more »

CSAG Short Course on Navigating Climate Risk.

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The Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG), based at the University of Cape Town, will be running its annual course on Navigating Climate Risk (formerly Winter School) This in-person, one-week (5 to 9 September 2022) intensive course has been developed specifically for participants from developing countries and aims to take participants through the full spectrum of climate… Read more »

June 2022- Publication highlight

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Defining metrics for monitoring and evaluating the impact of co-production in climate services. Despite increased commitment to co-production as a route to developing decision-relevant climate services, there has been less focus on the metrics or criteria for determining their success and impact. Drawing from literature and recent experiences from both operational- and research-focused climate resilience-building… Read more »

May 2022- Publication highlight

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Using a Climate Change Risk Perceptions Framing to Identify Gaps in Climate Services Given the rise in climate services for decision-making, it is important to understand whether these services are meeting the context-specific needs of decision-makers, including identifying any gaps in current climate services. This study sets out to investigate the efficacy of current climate… Read more »

CSAG Climate Frontiers Podcast-Episode 5: Rattling the value chain

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In this Episode we explore the concept of the climate services value chain – the idea that climate information is produced by scientists and then fed down a chain of intermediaries who tailor or transform it, until it reaches its intended “end” user.” This user then incorporates that information into decision making. Within the climate… Read more »