Getting to know CASCADE

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09 APRIL 2024 | PHOTO BY ROBYN WALKER. READ TIME 3 mins. The intersection of climate variability, extremes, and long-term change with rapid urbanisation, extensive informality, multi-level governance challenges, and resource constraints, constitutes a critical human health challenge in African cities. Yet a comprehensive and systemic understanding of the intersection of climate hazards and urban health risks is… Read more »

A new era of urban climate health resilience in Africa

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30 NOVEMBER 2023 | STORY ALACIA ARMSTRONG. PHOTOS ROBYN WALKER. Read time 4 min. The Cascading Climate and Health Risks in African Cities (CASCADE) consortium was officially launched recently with a focused mission: to advance the understanding of critical urban health challenges faced by African cities and point towards practical and effective interventions. Led by Dr Chris Jack and Professor Bruce… Read more »

November 2023 – Publication Highlight

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Enablers of transdisciplinary collaboration for researchers working on climate risks in African cities. This study explores enablers that help researchers undertake collaborative transdisciplinary work with non-academic actors to co-produce knowledge on complex climate risks in African cities. Enablers were explored using a qualitative case study approach and expansive learning theory, which emphasizes the embeddedness of… Read more »

June 2023 – Publication Highlight

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Climate change projections from a multi-model ensemble of CORDEX and CMIPs over Angola Angola has been characterized as one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change. Climate change compounded by existing poverty, a legacy of conflict and other risk factors, currently impede development and are expected to become worse as climate change impacts increase…. Read more »

March 2023 – Publication Highlight

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Role of Indigenous and local knowledge in seasonal forecasts and climate adaptation: A case study of smallholder farmers in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe. Accessible, reliable and diverse sources of climate information are needed to inform climate change adaptation at all levels of society, particularly for vulnerable sectors such as smallholder farming. Globally, many smallholder farmers use Indigenous… Read more »

March 2023 rewrites Table Mountain rainfall record books

Skeleton Gorge Waterfall in Kirstenbosch after heavy rains on Table Mountain in March 2023.

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Summary An initial look at preliminary March 2023 rainfall data for Table Mountain suggests it was the wettest March in the instrumental record of the “Mountain in the Sea”, going back as far as 1893! This appears to have been mostly the result of four cut-off low systems forming along the west coast during the… Read more »

What do we mean by urban climate justice?

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The concept of climate justice has been gaining traction for some time. Broadly speaking, climate justice is about taking a human- and equity-centred approach to thinking about climate risks, responsibilities and potential responses. Like many other big concepts, climate justice is often proposed as important for climate action without careful and critical thought about what… Read more »

September 2022 – Publication highlight

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Climate change in South Africa: Risks and opportunities for climate-resilient development in the IPCC Sixth Assessment WGII Report South Africa is wrestling with increasing climate change impacts and how to respond. The 2022 IPCC Working Group II Report synthesises the latest evidence on climate change impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation, and what this means for climate-resilient… Read more »