Kate Kloppers (formally Sutherland)


Kate Kloppers is the Senior Science Engagement Officer at the Climate System Analysis Group. Kate Kloppers joined CSAG in 2011 after completing an MSc in Zoology at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2009. Her current role includes multi-disciplinary and integrative research that advances knowledge of natural and human systems under conditions of environmental, climatic, and social change. In the CSAG Climate Services engagement team, she contributes to the analysis and dissemination of climate information for use in vulnerability, impacts and adaptation decision-making through short- and long-term advisory work and capacity building activities. Kate leads capacity development programmes and, as such, spearheads the coordination, programme development and direction of the internationally-renowned annual CSAG Winter School, an intensive capacity building course aimed at mid-career professionals engaged in decision and policy development, involving issues related to climate change and adaptation. Kate has a passion for engaging with users and stakeholders around the current state of climate information and interpreting and applying climate data in an effort to bridge the challenges of science-society communication.

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