Climate Change Apathy

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Why is there such apparent disinterest and even apathy amongst people when it comes to responding to messages about climate change? Is “climate change fatigue” a real phenomena? This post is based on an email I contributed to an internal CSAG discussion. The discussion was prompted by a journalists comment that there is a real… Read more »

The Green Flash

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The Green Flash The green flash or sometimes referred to as Neptune’s Wink has inspired literature, artwork and myths. In the 1882 novel “Le Rayon Vert” Jules Verne describes the phenomenon as “a green which no artist could ever obtain on his palette, a green of which neither the varied tints of vegetation nor the… Read more »

CSAG at SASAS 2013

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This year the South African Society for Atmospheric Sciences (SASAS) conference took place in Durban at Salt Rock Hotel, hosted by the University of Kwazulu Natal under the Theme “Towards Quantifying And Qualifying The Earth’s Atmosphere”. The conference brings together a diverse research communities every year. It covered a wide range of topics including meteorology, agrometeorology, climatology,… Read more »

The state of the climate in 2012 and what’s going on in the Arctic

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Since the late 1980s the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been releasing an annual report with a summary of the state of the global climate and this year was no exception. The release of this publication coincides with the American Geophysical Union (AGU) position statement on climate change entitled ‘Human-induced climate change… Read more »

On predicting climate under climate change

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A new paper titled “On predicting climate under climate change” has been published in Environmental Research Letters. The paper, co-authored by myself and David Stainforth from the London School of Economics, suggests that current approaches to climate modelling are inadequate for providing probabilities of future climate change. While ensemble climate prediction methods are becoming more commonplace,… Read more »

Walking the climate change slack line

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(A reaction to “Climate scientists must not advocate particular policies“) Tasmin Edwards states: “But I care more about restoring trust in science than about calling people to action; more about improving public understanding of science so society can make better-informed decisions, than about making people’s decisions for them. Science doesn’t tell us the answer to… Read more »

CORDEX Africa Publication

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A CSAG PhD student, Hussen Seid Endris has had a publication accepted by the Journal of Climate.  The paper investigates the performance of a suite of ten Regional Climate Models simulating the historical climate of East Africa and as such falls under the CORDEX Africa activities  Significant results are that the models are generally able to capture… Read more »