The CO-ordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX) was birthed out of an increasing need for detailed, high-resolution regional information regarding future climate. Information at this regional scale is needed by scientists in disciplines that require climate information (e.g. hydrologists), as well as decision- and policy-makers, and by those assessing climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability. Although climate change projections must necessarily be undertaken with global models, such models do not have sufficient spatial detail for all applications.

The task of the CORDEX programme is to organize an internationally coordinated framework to produce an improved generation of regional climate change projection information world-wide for input into impact and adaptation studies within the AR5 timeline and beyond.

CSAG has been extensively involved in CORDEX from its original conception through to the present. In particular, CSAG has been the lead institution for the CORDEX Africa activities including capacity building workshops, publications “write shops”, and community network development.


Time frames: Continuous (no set time frames)

Funder: World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)

Partners: Large number of partners

For further details: See the official CORDEX website or contact Dr Chris Lennard