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Life has not been very fair to mermaids. And why would it be?

Too many changes have occurred in such a short lapse of time. Since the melting of Greenland in the 36th century, the planet has reversed back to the most dreadful global cooling event. And our 2 new baby oceans Agassean and Green are not proving to be efficient for this planet. As for the nasty volcanic eruptions all around the planet, they keep on reducing the global mean temperature.

There is no hope anymore. The mermaids were already discouraged when the humans proposed the Greenwall project which promised to regain back the thermohaline circulation. But after being hit by 12 gargancanes, the Greenwall collapsed, and the tiny little amount of hope was lost.

And politically we are a miles away from a peaceful agreement, neopian nuclear wars between Homo Sapiens and Homo Aquaticus happen regularly due to lack of resources. Mermaids keep on blaming humans, and vice versa, but the truth is planet earth does not care if humans and mermaids are surviving or not.

The latest report from Csea-SAG, one of the oldest human climate research institutes, working together with mermaid scientists since the 27th century, has confirmed that if the ocean mean temperature decreases by 5 degrees Reinnish, it will simply be impossible for aquatic plants to exist in the ocean, which would obviously result in a lack of oxygen and messing up the entire marine food chain.

Mermaids were given a deadline. Cards were laid on the table and crucial decisions needed to be taken.

This is why on the 27th November of 5133, human leaders, elites, politicians and scientists took the aquaman crystals, plunged into the Indian Ocean to join the conference held by the United Mermaid Global Cooling Conference 78. 55m deep in the ruins of the previous island Mauritius, Queen Triton, the leader of the MPCC (Mermaid Panel on Climate Change) delivered her welcoming speech. Her solution was simple. The temporary way to increase the planet’s temperature was the Monitored Gas Pressure Release project.


This project was famous during the 48th century. Several human and mermaid volcanologists claimed that if gas pressure beneath the earth’s crust was released in a controlled manner, volcanic eruptions will be prevented. Even if the absence of Thermohaline circulation was the main cause of global cooling, volcanoes were also an important determining factor, and preventing volcanic eruptions would contribute to a minor increase in temperature. However the Greenwall project received more votes and the Monitored Gas Pressure Release project was finally abandoned in the late 49th century.

As Queen Triton proposed her idea, the President of United States of Africa immediately interrupted her by reminding her that human engineers and scientists have been spending the last 5 centuries in building a potential space station and that there was no time to waste in failure projects.

Every human sat quietly, without uttering a sound while their faces reflect guilt. The space station project was in fact regarded as a taboo subject. It was not a secret that the space station was being designed to save only humans and not mermaids. Human leaders promised that there would be a lake, but no engineer could ever confirm whether this lake was included in the design plans.

The proposed solution led to hours of debates but in the end, Queen Triton’s solution received the least amount of votes. The President of United States of Africa had more power and control than anyone else on this planet. The fate of the mermaids would only be decided by her. The conference was over. And so was the recent peaceful treaty of mutual cooperation and security between mermaids and humans…

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  1. Parveena Da

    I thought this might have have been some kind of script that could be used in one of those superheroes movies. Or maybe a science-fiction movie?
    But there might be some truths and realities among all this highly imaginative concepts. There’s one thing that you said that struck me…. //but the truth is planet earth does not care if humans and mermaids are surviving or not.//
    This made me think that there are some places on planet earth that can be very harsh and hazardous for humans to live in. With the climate going insane, some other habitable places are turning into hostile and challenging environments and humans are facing severe conditions to continue to live peacefully there.
    We are not adapted to face extreme weather conditions. It’s like Adapt and survive, or else Die. How much evolution can take place there? And the big question is ‘What if planet earth was not meant for humans?’ The Earth was just ‘being’ (as in the verb) and humans just ‘invaded’ it ( since the planet does not care if the humans are surviving or not).