Alice McClure

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Alice has been working at CSAG since 2016 and in the field of climate change and sustainable development since 2011. Alice’s research interests span climate risk and vulnerability, climate governance learning, climate adaptation, African cities resilience, as well as localizing and understanding interlinkages between Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She has particular expertise in integrating these research foci to inform climate-resilient decision making in cities by bringing together networks of critical players (and funders) in addressing pressing climate risks. She has demonstrated this expertise through her role as the academic coordinator of the Future Resilience of African CiTies and Lands (FRACTAL) project at CSAG, which involves leading an international transdisciplinary team in the design, implementation and adaptive management of multi-actor, multi-region co-production research to contribute to urban African climate resilience. In line with her research interests, Alice is also enrolled in a PhD at UCT, through which she is exploring the value of transdisciplinary learning processes for governing complex, emergent problems associated with African urban climate risks. She is passionate about working with society to produce climate-related knowledge that supports transformations towards a better future. Alice obtained an MSc in Environmental Science from Rhodes University in 2011.

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