CSAG is a leading international climate research centre based in Africa with broad research skills and competency in both physical and social dimensions of climate, a strong experience in engaging with society, and an excellent track record in capacity development. We prioritize societally relevant research to support responses to climate variability and change.

  Back in the days I was known among my group of friends as the environmentalist, the green police. Without me even saying anything friends would apologise that they had not yet had their recycling set up properly, or that they chose to drive to the gym when they could have walked. In those days… Read more »

  The prestigious CSAG Joe Blogs Award for 2014 was announced this morning to celebrate another successful year of intriguing, captivating and compelling blog posts. Having been established in 2013 by our colleague Joseph Daron its was an exciting morning for all at CSAG to hear who would hold the title for the second year… Read more »

Cape Town’s coastline is vulnerable to a number of pressures including sea level rise, coastal erosion and increasing urban development. In making decisions to protect the coastline and coastal infrastructure from these stressors, the views of multiple diverse stakeholders need to be consulted. However, incorporating and balancing different stakeholder perspectives is not straightforward. Joseph Daron… Read more »

Life has not been very fair to mermaids. And why would it be? Too many changes have occurred in such a short lapse of time. Since the melting of Greenland in the 36th century, the planet has reversed back to the most dreadful global cooling event. And our 2 new baby oceans Agassean and Green are… Read more »

The 25 Green Talents 2014 have been selected based on their original ideas and excellent research in the field of sustainable development.   Out of more than 800 applications from over 100 countries, a high ranking jury of experts selected 25 up-and-coming scientists one of whom is UCT / CSAG’s PhD student Nkulumo Zinyengere for his… Read more »

The recent blogs on this site discussed the need for individual action around climate change – amongst other thoughts.  Today I was reading the news articles and browsing Facebook and it got me thinking about how the awareness around these issues get propagated and why some causes/ideas/events seem to move much faster than others.  Yes… Read more »

The email discussion recorded below ensued after a link was shared which spoke about “20 things YOU can do to address the climate crisis“.  Read that article first! This conversation is a valuable starting point to thinking about what you can do … have more conversations! [Edited to remove too many personal aspersions, and spell… Read more »

It was a dark and stormy night… I always wanted to write something that started that way, so here goes, exerts from a gritty, tongue in cheek film noir adaptation of issues inherent in the ethics of climate services given limits to predictability. I would like to remind that in true film noir tradition, these… Read more »

This post was triggered by the thought of a cold shower. I react to triggers. I guess we all do. I saw a vlog about someone with Trichotillomania who was negatively triggered by the new Doctor Who (whereas Doctor Who should, of course, trigger lots of positive reactions)! Not long after this I was in… Read more »