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The prestigious CSAG Joe Blogs Award for 2014 was announced this morning to celebrate another successful year of intriguing, captivating and compelling blog posts. Having been established in 2013 by our colleague Joseph Daron its was an exciting morning for all at CSAG to hear who would hold the title for the second year run of the award. A new version of the “Academy of the Blog” were tasked to select their top favourite blog posts for the year. This year due to a close number in nominations a ‘Joe Blogs special mention” was added to the awards. Among the nominations were:


In no particular order:

Alex Shabala: From Smaug to Smog: Historical carbon emissions due to dragons in Middle Earth

Tristan Hauser: Climate Noir

Willem Stefaan Conradie: Worth the risk?

Ruwani Walawege: Let’s start a campaign….

Bruce Hewitson: Triggered

I’m sure you will all agree that each of these nominations were uniquely interesting so well done to all nominated.


So Without further ado the winner of the 2014 CSAG Joe Blogs Award is…



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…Alex Shabala for “From Smaug to Smog: Historical carbon emissions due to dragons in Middle Earth” Well done Alex! A brilliant combination of fantasy, statistics and fun.

Last years winner Chris Jack was there to hand the trophy over to Alex.

As stated above, a “Joe Blogs special mention” was made for Tristan Hauser’s: “Climate Noir” blog post. The combination of “It was a dark and stormy night” and the excellent “mood music” intrigued everyone.

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The CSAG group are excited for a new year of blogs to share our work, ideas, thoughts and perspectives with CSAG and the wider CSAG network.

So to all our CSAG Friends/ Colleagues keep checking our new CSAG blogs here and have a look to see which your favourite will be for 2015.



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  1. Joe

    Many congrats Alex! A truly deserved winner …did you record the speech?