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Climate Frontiers is a podcast series exploring the latest thinking, approaches and debates in climate science, hosted by CSAG.

The podcast presents an accessible perspective on topics often hidden behind academic language. Through conversations with researchers at CSAG, and occasionally with partners across Africa and internationally, we discuss a range of topics from within physical climate science, through to social science and philosophy

Episode 1 titled: The Ethics of Climate Services is a frank conversation between colleagues involved in a recent project exploring some of the challenges at the intersection of climate services and ethics. The conversation dives into the importance of climate services in the context of development and poverty alleviation in South Africa, but also debates some of the significant challenges in ensuring that climate services are ethical and that appropriate responsibility is held. Should climate services involve professional certification and legislation like medicine, engineering or law? Should we trust a “free market” approach? Or is there a third option centered on ongoing dialogue, transparency, and collaboration?

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