CORDEX–Africa Climate Analysis Workshop 5

4-8 December 2017, University of Cape Town


The workshop was held in the CSAG computer labs and the four regional groups focused on developing the papers planned during workshop 3 in February 2016. Each group revisited the theme of the paper(s) and great effort was placed in elucidating the key research question each paper was addressing as well as the anticipated key message.


The work sessions were punctuated by a keynote talks as well as presentations by various senior scientists on how they approached writing a paper. Keynote talks were delivered by Dr Erik Kjellstron, Director of the Rossby Centre at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute who presented “European climate change in a +1.5 and +2°C world as simulated by the EURO-CORDEX regional climate models” and Dr Phil Graham, senior researcher at SMHI, who presented “From regional climate modelling to hydrological impacts over the Arab region – a case study for CORDEX ”. Both these keynotes attracted many questions and contributed a number of ideas to the papers under consideration.


A series of talks titled “This is how I write and review a paper” were presented by Prof. Bruce Hewitson, Dr Babatunde Abiodun, Dr Phil Graham and Dr Erik Kjellstron in which each described how they go about writing a paper. These talks were presented to expose delegates to various techniques used by the different presenters and identify common areas of overlap. These common messages included the importance of the title and abstract, the importance of a story line, the importance of the key figure, how the papers could be structured and what not to write. These presentations are available below.

One of the regional groups received their reviews back from SR15 ERL submission and used the opportunity to address the review comments. All review comments have been discussed and addressed and the group will resubmit the paper within the next 2 week. Additionally the other groups are now able to anticipate the more generic review comments from this paper and respond appropriately.

The remaining three groups worked on refining the research questions of the papers and developing the storylines. All together there are 7 papers planned and each paper is accompanied by a work plan with set milestones and section responsibilities with submission dates between March and June 2018.

The final workshop in February 2018 will serve as a space to finalize these papers and also address the review comments of the SR15 ERL papers if the opportunity presents itself for this.


How I write a paper presentations:

How I write a paper.Erik