And the winner is…

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In order to celebrate all those who have contributed to the CSAG blog over the past few years, and to pay homage to the most interesting, entertaining and thought provoking blog posts, the Joe Blogs Award for the CSAG blog of the year has been established. It may be a little overdue but this morning… Read more »

The snake thermometer

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  “A lost world of giants, 60 million years old… Ruled by a reptile of unbelievable size, it sounds like fantasy, but it’s not. This world was once here… Dominated by the most terrifying predator… This is Titanoboa.”   As climate scientists, we are always very excited to deepen our knowledge of future climate. But… Read more »

Forecasting goals

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The other day I was invited by a friend to fill out a prediction bracket for the upcoming World Cup for a pool he had organised. In many ways relating a one off sport tournament to the analysis of  climate systems is a bit of stretch. However, while doing so I noticed that there were… Read more »

Personal complicity and responsibility

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We (the CSAG “seniors”) were having one of those informal lunch discussions (lounging around tables in the courtyard, surreptitiously eyeing each other’s food, talking a mixture of philosophy, fun, and frivolity). The topic morphed to the role of climate scientist’s activism in the public sphere. The subsequent vigorous debate suggests it was a sensitive point… Read more »

Worth the risk?

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The evidence is mounting that an environmental catastrophe will unfold on the eastern slopes of Devil’s Peak. The soil and water in the area appear to have become contaminated with a potentially very dangerous substance (Substance X), although significant uncertainty still exists regarding the distribution of the substance and its concentration, as well as the… Read more »

The recent slow-down in global warming: Why is it happening? Has global warming stopped?

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The recent slowdown in global warming is becoming a hot topic among climate scientists, skeptics of human caused global warming and policy makers. Recent analyses indicate that the rate of warming in observed global temperatures has not been as high in the last decade as it was in the previous two decades. Following this, climate… Read more »

Pedalling for carbon redemption

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So it’s the carbon-footprint season… First Smaug the dragon, then CSAGer, the climate scientist. Time for another monster – the cyclist. Why? I cycle to work. And nothing makes one’s day better than an opportunity to feel smug about his or her contribution to resolving one of the most daring challenges that society faces today…. Read more »

CSAG Carbon Footprint for 2013

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At the end of last year I decided it would be interesting to calculate CSAG’s annual carbon footprint. Though it is simple enough to do a back-of-the-envelope calculation, I wanted to be a little more accurate and, as I soon discovered, it is by no means a straightforward task. Anyhow, after persistently emailing CSAG staff… Read more »