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Do you ever wonder how will the future, warmer world look like? What will changing climate bring upon us? No, not in terms of extreme temperatures, frequency of storms, magnitude of floods and sea levels rise, but in terms of our daily activities, relationships with our neighbours, workings of the community, city, nation, or all… Read more »

Ozone Recovery and its Future Impact

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The Antarctic ozone hole was discovered by three British Antarctic survey scientists in 1985 to the disbelief of the scientific community, as no one had anticipated the extent of the decline in the polar ozone. Shortly after, chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) (responsible for the depletion of the ozone) production was curbed thanks to the negotiations of the… Read more »

Oh…what about the Oceans?

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Being a marine biologist by training, I find the connection between the ocean and climate systems most interesting. The oceans play a critical role in our climate system. Unfortunately our oceans are not immune to climate change and are significantly affected by it. It has been documented and observed that alterations of the environment are… Read more »

Climate is what we do; weather is what they get……

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Climate is what we do; weather is what they get……[i] “Climate scientist, are you?”…and an inquisitive look later,…”so what do you really do?” Hmm, so what do I do?..What do I say?” I’m a modeller” hmmm….what does that mean?……. “I’m a climate impacts person” ……..“huh?” So we say this….”Well I study the climate to identify… Read more »

The rewards and challenges of interdisciplinary research

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When I began my Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Social Anthropology I never imagined that I would find myself one day doing a postgraduate degree alongside physical scientists in CSAG. At nineteen years old I had no idea how I would one day make a living using my burgeoning knowledge of modern… Read more »

So what do you do?

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When asked this question at a social function, I am normally a bit hesitant at first to give a response, as the outcomes are generally predictable. When I answer that I am a student studying climatology the responses from people are normally: Oh, so you are going to become a weatherman. By the way, why… Read more »

And another Winter School has come and gone….

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So Winter School 2012 has come and gone and at the same time I’ve been asked to write an entry for the blog this week.  Ideally I guess I could write and reflect on this year’s course.  So I’ll make this a very short blog….it was great! Alright, alright here’s a little bit more.  Four… Read more »

Climate change: 1, Himalayan explorers: nil

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Stepping gingerly onto the glacier I was relieved to hear the crunch of hard ice under my crampons rather than the boot-swallowing slush we’d battled through yesterday or the brittle crack of the thin sheets we’d traversed earlier. The beam of my head lamp swept across the white expanse, tracing the path we’d planned between… Read more »

Climate Adaptation Futures 2012

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Adapting to the intense summer heat of the Sonoran desert, I thought it wise to don shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt on the opening day of the “Climate Adaptation Futures” conference in Tucson, Arizona. I hadn’t anticipated quite how effective the solar powered air conditioning at the University of Arizona would be and, needless… Read more »