November 2021 – Publication highlight

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Embedded researchers as transdisciplinary boundary spanners strengthening urban climate resilience Knowledge of climate patterns and associated risks is relevant to making planning and resource management decisions at the urban scale. However, available scientific climate information is often poorly suited to decision-making needs. New ways of producing knowledge, both about the climate and urban decision-making, are… Read more »

October 2021 – Publication highlight

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Climate change literacy in Africa Climate change literacy encompasses being aware of both climate change and its anthropogenic cause, and thus underpins informed mitigation and adaptation responses. However, climate change literacy rates and their predictors remain poorly understood across the Global South. Here analysis of Africa’s largest representative public opinion survey shows climate change literacy ranges… Read more »

2021 Short course on navigating climate risk – Applications Closed

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APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED for our CSAG online short course on navigating climate risk. Congratulations to those who will be taking part. We look forward to running a succesful online course. If you sadly could not make the course this year please ensure that you keep an eye on our Website, Facebook page , and subscribe… Read more »

September 2021 – Publication highlight

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Negotiation of knowledge for coastal management? Reflections from a transdisciplinary experiment in South Africa Hybrid science-society approaches for knowledge production are often framed by a transdisciplinary approach. Most forms of “linear” progression of science informing policy or the “production” of knowledge as a one-way process are increasingly being challenged. This is also true for coastal… Read more »

CSAG Climate Frontiers Podcast-Episode 4: Making Sense of Seasonal Forecasts and Decision Making

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In this episode, we have a frank conversation about why people use, or don’t use climate information. Seasonal forecasts are presented as a particularly interesting example, because, despite the potential value of seasonal forecasts for informing decision-making in the farming sector for example, they aren’t used much. In fact there seems to be quite a bit… Read more »

August 2021 – Publication highlight

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On the suitability of using vegetation indices to monitor the response of Africa’s terrestrial ecoregions to drought Drought remains one of the world’s most devastating phenomena, exhibiting impacts in both magnitude and frequency. African vegetation remains highly vulnerable to drought impacts and this is heightened by a changing climate. In this study, we evaluated the… Read more »

The IPCC’s sixth assessment report on climate science

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As global temperatures rise, extreme weather events such as heatwaves, droughts, floods, and heavy rainfall will become more widespread, the IPCC sixth report concludes.  A number of Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG) researchers contributed to the Working Group I component  of the Sixth Assessment Report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which was released on… Read more »