CSAG Climate Frontiers Podcast-Episode 3: CORDEX-Africa

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A decade of sustained African climate science mentorship In this Episode we talk about the Coordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX) and in particular Cordex-Africa and the role it has played in developing the capacity of African scientists to conduct climate-related research in Africa. Dr Chris Lennard takes us through the reasons behind the development of… Read more »

July 2021 – Publication highlight

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Projected future daily characteristics of African precipitation based on global (CMIP5, CMIP6) and regional (CORDEX, CORDEX-CORE) climate models We provide an assessment of future daily characteristics of African precipitation by explicitly comparing the results of large ensembles of global (CMIP5, CMIP6) and regional (CORDEX, CORE) climate models, specifically highlighting the similarities and inconsistencies between them…. Read more »

A view on the state of Seasonal Forecasting in South Africa

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CSAG hosted Prof Willem Landman (University of Pretoria) during our weekly seminar on Friday the 9th of July. Willem is one of the most experienced experts in seasonal forecasting in South Africa and internationally. The seminar provided a fascinating insight into the history, current state, and future directions for seasonal forecasting in South Africa, but… Read more »

June 2021 – Publication highlight

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Facilitating Urban Sustainability through Transdisciplinary (TD) Research: Lessons from Ghana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe The notion of sustainability has been integrated into many aspects of development to emphasise human needs now and in the future. Sustainable urbanization objectives are pertinent in the context of rapidly expanding African cities, in which urban inhabitants experience challenges associated… Read more »

CSAG Climate Frontiers Podcast-Episode 2: The Complex Challenge

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In this episode we talk about why climate change is such a complex problem and what CSAG and others are doing to make sense of the complexity to help make climate information clearer, more accessible, and usable or actionable by those confronting climate risks. Dr Anna Taylor from UCT’s African Climate and Development Initiative speaks… Read more »

May 2021 – Publication highlight

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Understanding and supporting climate-sensitive decision processes in southern African cities Climate variability and change must be factored into planning, investment and management decisions in Southern African cities. Understanding the decision context and how climate information is brought to bear on city development and urban management is key to (co)producing relevant climate information. Co-production processes, supported… Read more »

CSAG Newsletter-Subscribe Now

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Through our CSAG monthly newsletter you can make sure you up to date with the latest information on physical climate science, societal engagement and capacity development. We share content we feel you would like to know including research papers, blogs, interesting reads, an inspirational quote of the month and more… We hope you enjoy our… Read more »

New CSAG Climate Frontiers Podcast Episode 1: The Ethics of Climate Services

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Climate Frontiers is a podcast series exploring the latest thinking, approaches and debates in climate science, hosted by CSAG. The podcast presents an accessible perspective on topics often hidden behind academic language. Through conversations with researchers at CSAG, and occasionally with partners across Africa and internationally, we discuss a range of topics from within physical… Read more »