CSAG is a leading international climate research centre based in Africa with broad research skills and competency in both physical and social dimensions of climate, a strong experience in engaging with society, and an excellent track record in capacity development. We prioritize societal relevant research to support responses to climate variability and change.

I’ve recently attended a conference outside Africa and noticed that many people at the conference knew where Mozambique was located. And Mozambique happens to be where I’m from. Almost every year there is a weather related hazard affecting Mozambique due to its geographical location and many other social factors. To compound these hazards, there has… Read more »

I don’t know about you, but I personally struggle with finding sense in the contemporary world in the face of climate change, but also in general, in the face of the contemporary world. I’m a scientist, a hydro-climatologist. I work with climate data. I read scientific papers. I know Clausius-Clapeyron equation. I know the planet… Read more »

Due to climate change, the climate system is undergoing a shift towards a new climate state. Locally, the effects of this transitioning has been described by the Western Cape Government (WCG): “South Africa isn’t safe from the effects of climate change. In 2015, South Africa recorded its lowest annual rainfall since 1904. In the same… Read more »

By: Gina Ziervogel African Centre for Cities (ACC) has released a new paper Unpacking the Cape Town Drought Lessons Learnt by Associate Professor Gina Ziervogel. The report was commissioned by the Cities Support Programme, within National Treasury in the South Africa National Government, to ensure that lessons learned from Cape Town drought experience would serve to inform other municipalities when… Read more »

Written By Anna Taylor Feature image by Trish Sutherland Cities around the world are increasingly recognized as hotspots of climate impacts, in addition to many being large sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. For cities to identify, prioritize and invest in climate adaptation measures that are suitable to their context, relevant information is needed about climate patterns… Read more »

By Katinka Lund Waagsaether Feature image by Ruwadzano Matsika Attending the 2018 Global Change Conference, which takes place biennially under the banner of the Global Change Grand Challenge of the Department of Science of Technology, gave me a sense of excitement. My excitement came from what seemed to be a somewhat broadening perspective and scope –… Read more »

On the 18 of January 2019 a low pressure system developed on the southern coast of Mozambique as the convection brought rainfall to Inhambane province. By 20 of January it was classified as tropical depression and moving northward in Mozambique channel in direction of Zambezia province . As it moved northward it gained more energy… Read more »

Executive Summary: The initial National Communication in accordance with Article 12 of the United Nations Framework Convention on climate Change (UNFCCC) was prepared in 2004, followed by the second communication in 2011. This document constitutes South Africa’s Third National Communication (TNC). The document follows suggested UNFCCC guidelines for developing countries in reporting on national circumstances;… Read more »