CSAG is a leading international climate research centre based in Africa with broad research skills and competency in both physical and social dimensions of climate, a strong experience in engaging with society, and an excellent track record in capacity development. We prioritize societally relevant research to support responses to climate variability and change.

Understanding and supporting climate-sensitive decision processes in southern African cities Climate variability and change must be factored into planning, investment and management decisions in Southern African cities. Understanding the decision context and how climate information is brought to bear on city development and urban management is key to (co)producing relevant climate information. Co-production processes, supported… Read more »

Through our CSAG monthly newsletter you can make sure you up to date with the latest information on physical climate science, societal engagement and capacity development. We share content we feel you would like to know including research papers, blogs, interesting reads, an inspirational quote of the month and more… We hope you enjoy our… Read more »

Climate Frontiers is a podcast series exploring the latest thinking, approaches and debates in climate science, hosted by CSAG. The podcast presents an accessible perspective on topics often hidden behind academic language. Through conversations with researchers at CSAG, and occasionally with partners across Africa and internationally, we discuss a range of topics from within physical… Read more »

Written by: Erin Hill In times of crisis, strategic communications are an effective tool that governments can use to influence public behaviour. Between March 2017 and March 2018, the City of Cape Town (CoCT) catalysed public behaviour change via a communications campaign. During this time Cape Town and the Western Cape were in the grips… Read more »

The 2019 State of the Climate Report was released in the second week of August 2020 and it provides a detailed update of a set of parameters that describe the changing climate. The report offers insight on global climate indicators, including: greenhouse gases, temperatures (ocean and land), rainfall, cloud cover, sea level, ocean salinity, sea… Read more »

Computing capacity is an integral part of climate research. Running large complex climate models and processing large amounts of data require lots of computing capacity. This computer capacity is almost always made available as clusters of lots of specialised high-performance compute servers. Each server has a number of processing units (CPUs) and each CPU usually… Read more »

We wish to inform you all that as per the national lockdown requirements for COVID-19 in South Africa (currently from 26 March to 17 April 2020) CSAG staff and students have and will be working remotely. CSAG strongly supports the need to limit social interaction in order to slow the spread of infections as well… Read more »

Here you go… COVID-19 Data Monitoring Page There is loads and loads information on Corona epdemic out there. There is also loads and loads of noise. What is here, is basically for my personal use. I try to look how the epidemic evolves in various countries for various reasons. And I did not find anywhere… Read more »

Solar radiation management (SRM) could be the only known quick method for stopping the rise of global temperatures at relatively low cost. SRM is a theoretical approach that aims to reduce climate warming by reflecting some sunlight back into space. Several SRM geoengineering technologies exist but two popular techniques currently receiving the most attention include,… Read more »