CSAG is a leading international climate research centre based in Africa with broad research skills and competency in both physical and social dimensions of climate, a strong experience in engaging with society, and an excellent track record in capacity development. We prioritize societally relevant research to support responses to climate variability and change.

In this episode, we explore the concept of impact models, which are models that use climate information as input then make specific projections, or produce narratives about impacts within an end-user sector. This user then incorporates this specific information into appropriate decision-making. Within climate services, this process is an expanding field. Peter Johnston talks to… Read more »

Attribution of severe low rainfall in southern Madagascar, 2019-21 Main findings • Southern Madagascar has been facing a severe food security crisis, made significantly worse by well below average rainfall from July 2019 to June 2021. This exceptional drought has affected a region with high pre-existing levels of vulnerability to food insecurity, and the impacts… Read more »

In this Episode we explore the concept of the climate services value chain – the idea that climate information is produced by scientists and then fed down a chain of intermediaries who tailor or transform it, until it reaches its intended “end” user.” This user then incorporates that information into decision making. Within the climate… Read more »

Embedded researchers as transdisciplinary boundary spanners strengthening urban climate resilience Knowledge of climate patterns and associated risks is relevant to making planning and resource management decisions at the urban scale. However, available scientific climate information is often poorly suited to decision-making needs. New ways of producing knowledge, both about the climate and urban decision-making, are… Read more »

Last week we saw the close of our very first Online Short Course on Navigating Climate Risk. For those who know CSAG, you will know that we always look forward to our annual in-person CSAG Winter School short course. Sadly for 2020 we were unable to run our Winter School, so for 2021 we took… Read more »

Climate change literacy in Africa Climate change literacy encompasses being aware of both climate change and its anthropogenic cause, and thus underpins informed mitigation and adaptation responses. However, climate change literacy rates and their predictors remain poorly understood across the Global South. Here analysis of Africa’s largest representative public opinion survey shows climate change literacy ranges… Read more »

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED for our CSAG online short course on navigating climate risk. Congratulations to those who will be taking part. We look forward to running a succesful online course. If you sadly could not make the course this year please ensure that you keep an eye on our Website, Facebook page , and subscribe… Read more »

Negotiation of knowledge for coastal management? Reflections from a transdisciplinary experiment in South Africa Hybrid science-society approaches for knowledge production are often framed by a transdisciplinary approach. Most forms of “linear” progression of science informing policy or the “production” of knowledge as a one-way process are increasingly being challenged. This is also true for coastal… Read more »