Is Cape Town seeing more extreme storms due to climate change?

The Palmiet Lagoon turned into a raging on 24 September 2023, following extreme rainfall in its catchment area associated with a deep cut-off low.

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By Sabina Abba Omar & Stefaan Conradie A major cut-off low event is currently wrecking havoc across large parts of South Africa, most notably around Kariega. This follows another severe cut-off low storm that hit the Western Cape between 6 and 9 April 2024 after a series of destructive wind and rain storms between June… Read more »

What do we mean by urban climate justice?

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The concept of climate justice has been gaining traction for some time. Broadly speaking, climate justice is about taking a human- and equity-centred approach to thinking about climate risks, responsibilities and potential responses. Like many other big concepts, climate justice is often proposed as important for climate action without careful and critical thought about what… Read more »

The IPCC’s sixth assessment report on climate science

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As global temperatures rise, extreme weather events such as heatwaves, droughts, floods, and heavy rainfall will become more widespread, the IPCC sixth report concludes.  A number of Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG) researchers contributed to the Working Group I component  of the Sixth Assessment Report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which was released on… Read more »

Providing critically constructive input to the City of Cape Town’s Climate Change Policy

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The City of Cape Town currently has a draft Climate Change Policy out for public participation. Having been through numerous rounds of internal deliberation and refinement between public officials and councillors, the draft policy represents the local government’s proposed position on addressing climate change within the spatial extent of Cape Town, in coordination and collaboration… Read more »

Climate Change Scenarios – Where are we headed?

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For over a decade, future climate change impacts have been assessed using a number of standardised emission scenarios. These scenarios assume different future states of the world’s population and corresponding greenhouse gas emissions – from really optimistic to really grim. For more information on these scenarios, please see IPCC SRES Scenarios and RCP Scenarios.   It is important… Read more »