Results of the CSAG COP 17 Decision Game

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The Context CSAG participated in a number of side events at the recent COP 17 meeting in Durban. A climate change decision game featured in three of these side events. Although each event had a different focus, the outline of the game remained consistent for each audience. The game relied on the active participation of… Read more »

When all is said and done …

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Personal observations from the final hours. We sent 6 people from CSAG, and UCT had a handful more there.  We engaged, we had one of the best stands, we benefited personally from new contacts and collaborations, we worked hard and we also had fun.  But … I had hoped to close my posts on COP… Read more »

So long, and thanks for all the…..

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So CSAG have sucessfully completed their week at COP17.  A weary team made it back to Cape Town yesterday, exhausted but in good spirits after a productive week.  Reflecting on the week we can be proud of our input.  While not a lot was going on in the negotiations, CSAG were busy working around the edges, hosting numerous… Read more »

Spitting at your children

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In the press briefings over the weekend there has been a lot of ducking and diving to try and put a positive spin on developments … which quite frankly comes across like spitting in the wind.  The USA says we can still do what’s required by 2020 without making binding commitments now!  Along with Brazil,… Read more »

We contributed!!!

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When asked what positive outcome has come from COP17 this week, my original thought was ‘not much”.  But then thinking about it over the past few days, I seem to have become more optimistic. Despite all the negative publicity, it is possible that the awareness generated from COP meetings makes it all worthwhile. In a… Read more »

The real value of COP

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It is fair to say that the majority of the CSAG posts (mine included) have presented a fairly pessimistic view of the COP 17 meeting so far. However, this morning I am feeling upbeat…almost, dare I say, optimistic! Not about the chances of a legally binding, comprehensive and truly global deal to reduce GHG emissions… Read more »

Negotiations 101 for developed nations: how to win

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So you want to be an international negotiator?  It’s quite easy really, simply a mix of playing on the credulity and greed of others, while masking the minority voice of reality with high sounding rhetoric. Phase 1: Examine the landscape 1. Identify your negotiating community, and especially who are on your side, and who are… Read more »

Climate Scientists are Climate’s Worst Enemies?

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So, in the spirit of the purpose of the COP, I’d like to point out a few contradictions… There are 500 bicycles, available for free, for delegates to use to get around Durban in a carbon neutral manner.  There are at least 10,000 delegates.  About 100 of the bicycles have been used.  So 1% of delegates… Read more »

The great divorce

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In the C.S.Lewis classic, “The Great Divorce”, people are transported from a grey, foggy, conflict ridden, endlessly repetitive, unreal world, across a great chasm into reality.  A hard, stark, beautiful, ultimate reality.  These “ghosts” from an fuzzy vague world collide with the intensity of a true reality.  Grass so real it hurts to walk on it…. Read more »