A blog about not knowing

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When I was asked to write a blog that might contribute to a platform of knowledge and skills to address complex social and environmental problems, I had been grappling with several such problems in my own life. To note two in particular; the protests at the University of Cape Town (UCT), calling for free higher… Read more »

The “Big Six Monitor”

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Piotr Wolski has produced a tool to assess the current and projected state of the Western Cape Dams: The “Big Six Monitor”   The “Big Six Monitor”  – http://cip.csag.uct.ac.za/monitoring/bigsix.html shows the amount of water in the major Western Cape Water Supply System (WCWSS) dams currently and in the recent past. Additionally, it shows the storage… Read more »

What about rainwater harvesting? Piotr Wolski’s article for UCT News

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Piotr Wolski has written an article titled: What about rainwater harvesting? for the UCT News Site. “The winter rains of 2017 are effectively finished. Recent analyses indicate that, with current use and without further interventions, water currently stored in the Western Cape’s water supply system dams will not last until the next significant rains, which are… Read more »

Waiting for the rain…

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At this stage we all know the context, and I don’t think there is a need for extra explanations. So let me be as brief as possible. Drought. Big city. Disaster management plan. Day Zero. Everyone blames everyone. There. You have it. From my perspective (rooted in data and facts) the time has come to… Read more »

CSAG 2018 Internship Opportunity: Apply Now

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APPLICATIONS FOR INTERNSHIPS 2018 NOW OPEN CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMITTING APPLICATIONS: 14 NOVEMBER 2017   CSAG has applied to be a host institution for DST-NRF Interns for 2018-2019. CSAG invites young graduates who are interested in interning at CSAG for the period 2018-2019 to apply to the DST-NRF Internship program. Closing date for submitting applications: 14 November… Read more »

Perception matters

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Why is it that, in our experience, African countries are thirsty for knowledge on how the climate may be changing in their context?  Why is it that we very seldom encounter an air of scepticism when working in African countries?  Why is it that when we reach out to engage with African countries about climate… Read more »

After the Winter: Reflecting on the May 2017 ACCESS Winter Rainfall Summit after JJA

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The ACCESS Winter Rainfall Summit May 2017   On 15 May 2017, a blisteringly hot day (32°C at the nearby South African Astronomical Observatory weather station), ACCESS held a Winter Rainfall Summit at the National Geo-spatial Information meeting room in Mowbray. For the morning sessions a collection of scientists working on variability/predictability of winter rainfall… Read more »