Providing critically constructive input to the City of Cape Town’s Climate Change Policy

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The City of Cape Town currently has a draft Climate Change Policy out for public participation. Having been through numerous rounds of internal deliberation and refinement between public officials and councillors, the draft policy represents the local government’s proposed position on addressing climate change within the spatial extent of Cape Town, in coordination and collaboration… Read more »

Blowing our TRUMPet

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Given the week that has just past, it would be remiss of me not to utilise the friendly reminder of “it’s your turn to write a blog” to reflect on the events of last week, which may have far-reaching ramifications for the field we work in.  So ignoring my parent’s advice of “never bring up… Read more »

CSAG 2017 Internship Opportunity, Apply Now

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  An opportunity for young graduates to intern in the Climate System Analysis Group, Environmental and Geographical Science Department at the University of Cape Town. We are looking for a self-motivated candidate who will work with key research staff within existing projects and towards proposals and new contract work within the unit. This opportunity is… Read more »

The other side of Uncertainty

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There has been much written, discussed, and argued about uncertainty, and in recent weeks this typically academic topic has taken a completely different spin as uncertainty over the university has arisen.  The opinions voiced are often emphatic, absolute, accusatory, and demanding, leaving individuals little room to maneuver.  At the same time the discourse between individuals… Read more »

To fee or not to fee?

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The recent student protests have reignited a debate around university fees in particular, and education system in South Africa in general. That debate takes place through various channels, and one can hear or read a multitude of opinions on the topic in official ministerial and university communications, but also in social and traditional media, in… Read more »

FRACTAL’s embedded researcher in Lusaka tells us why she’s excited about the project

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Written by Brenda Mwalukanga (Lusaka Embedded Researcher) The Future Resilience of African Cities and Lands (FRACTAL) is a project that aims at understanding decision making around climate change in the context of the city system. It is a project that aims at merging climate science information with decision making practice in urban development and management, focusing… Read more »

FRACTAL’s first learning lab: the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016, and the stage was being set for FRACTAL’s first learning lab event: a large circle of participants (40 or so) filled a workshop room that was void of tables and computers. A “safe space” for knowledge co-production was being created as participants expressed their requests for freedom of speech, creativity, honesty… Read more »