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CSAG’s emotions currently range from sentiments of one syllable (“What A Waste Of Time”) through irritation at the arrogance of assertions by powerful entities, to unconvincing optimism that something positive will happen.  Pepper that with heat, humidity, distracting attractions of birthday braais, opportunistic conversations that open doors to new dimensions of collaborations, and its all a bit of a turmoil.

Overheard on day 2 of COP 17 from members of the team:
– “We’re visioning a future for CSAG”
– “What’s the point of all this”
– “The US have done it again”
– “Better to engage then let them do it without us”
– “Why are you so wired”
– “What a mess”
– “He’s boring them with equations”
– “Awwww, he’s so cute”

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