‘Trust me, I’m an expert’: Weighing expert opinion in a transdisciplinary space

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By Jessica Lee “Oh dear, they are probably going to tear it apart.” We’ve just finished the first draft of our new tool developed as part of the Small Opportunity Grant project: Developing a Common Language for Climate Change. It’s a game aimed at helping city officials understand the different ways in which the term… Read more »

Winter School 2017: Applications open

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The Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG) based at the University of Cape Town will be running its annual course: Winter School: Using climate information for adaptation and policy development, from 24-28 July 2017.  This 1 week intensive course has been developed specifically for participants from developing country and aims to take participants through the full spectrum… Read more »

The sociable scientist

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By: Jessica Lee Being the only philosophy graduate in a friendship circle of scientists I often find myself in debates on the role of science and scientists in the public sphere. I recall one particular conversation where a friend of mine told me that, “Scientists shouldn’t have to deal with society. What we need is… Read more »

Talking past each other

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I might be tempted to restate the title as “Hierarchical confusions in intellectual debate” – but then I’ll be accused (again) of using big words. However, it is my experience that as climate science engages more across communities and disciplines, increasingly the conversations initially miss their targets, and finding convergence requires iteration.   In my dialogues… Read more »

What is a successful climate service?

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Sitting through the late afternoon session of the 5th International Conference on Climate Services currently being co-hosted by CSAG and GERICS in Cape Town, the presenters were tackling the question: “What are effective climate services”. The panel discussion sessions spent some time looking at the question of determining the success of a climate service activity… Read more »

Telling stories: A multi-disciplinary co-production device?

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Dianne Scott and Chris Jack (co-authored) What are narratives?  Narratives are really just an academic way of talking about stories.  Narratives, or stories, have a number of important elements.  They describe different actors which can be people, institutions, environments, species, etc.  Some actors may be villains, others may be victims, yet others may be saviors. … Read more »

Culturing (some form of) a growth mindset for learning in FRACTAL

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I’m wary of fads or help-yourself-models that promise to change one’s life substantially. However, sometimes these self-help suggestions (or parts of them) include strategies or ideas that resonate with me as they do with most people, and it’s more about the way the suggestions are packaged (a “one size fits all” suite on offer) that… Read more »