Over the years CSAG has been involved in a large number of research projects. Completed projects are listed below, according to the year in which they were completed:

Projects completed in 2016:

IDRC Communities of Practice

Rainwater Harvesting Toolkit

Adaptive Interventions in Agriculture to Reduce Vulnerability of Different Farming Systems to Climate Change in South Africa

Projected changes in extreme rainfall over South Africa


Projects completed in 2015:

Scientific Capacity Development (SCD) study – FCFA Applied Research Fund

ClimAfrica – Climate change predictions in Sub-Saharan Africa: impacts and adaptations


Projects completed in 2014:

Household Vulnerability to Disasters

Crop-livestock intensification in the face of climate change (CLIP-1)

Southern Africa Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (SAAMIIP-1)

Strengthening Evidence-Based Climate Change Adaptation Policies (SECCAP) Project

Wild Coast Living Laboratory (WCLL)

Visualising climate information

Coastal adaptation decision making in Cape Town

Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) Pilot Case studies

Downscaled Climate Modeling for local authorities (and water basins) in Southern Africa

Wind Atlas for South Africa (WASA) Phase 1

Climate Science input into Municipal Climate Adaptation Plans 2


Projects completed in 2013:

Berg River Municipal Workshops as part of the Western Cape Government Municipal adaptation support programme

West African Vulnerability Assessment

Malawi Department for Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS) Capacity Building Project

Climate Change Vulnerability Modelling, Indices Development and Downscaling Refinement in Malawi

Linking stakeholders with integrated climate change data

Climate Science input into Municipal Climate Adaptation Plans 1


Projects completed in 2012:

Improving Seasonal Forecast Information for Managing On-farm Decisions

Agriculture transforming to adapt to climate change: Peanut industry expansion in the Northern Territory as a blueprint

Historical extreme rainfall changes over South Africa

Climate reports for the DFID Strategic Programme Review

Modelling Scenarios Study to support Eskom’s Climate change Vulnerability and Adaptation case studies

Climate trends and projections for the Eastern Africa region


Projects completed in 2011:

Managing Climate Risk to Agriculture and Water Resources in South Africa

Climate Risk Capacity Building in the SADC region

South African electricity utility (ESKOM) – Climate change and generation